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Real estate:

Not to state the obvious, but buying and selling real estate is what I do! But trust me, there’s more to the home buying and selling process than the walls that make up the home. When I’m researching properties for clients or creating a marketing campaign for my sellers, I think outside the walls. I think about the investment proposition, the type of lifestyle my clients lead, and the kind of community the home is situated in that I’m trying to buy or sell.  I try to understand my clients and their wishes to my best ability to classify them into my four pillars. Why?  Read on!



You already know that when it comes to investments, you have many options. You can walk with the bulls and bears on Wall Street, or you can focus on retirement saving accounts. But when you look at real estate investing versus some of these other investment vehicles, you see that real estate investment in Vancouver offers the opportunity to create a diverse, secure, and financially profitable portfolio. Real estate is a finite resource, and the demand for this resource is stronger than ever.

Because of my past in investments, I always view a property in a bigger picture. “This isn’t just a home, it’s an investment.” What do I think this property can offer you in 1, 2, 5, 10 years? Although no one can give an exact estimate, I feel it’s advantageous to have a clear idea of what an exit strategy looks like for my clients depending on their plans. So, if you’re looking to purchase investment properties I will send a detailed investment proposition with the properties that are of interest to you, using data from that particular area and analyzing trends.

I have also partnered with a property manager who assists me in looking after homes, which are purchased as an investment and/or for rental income.  This addition to my services will look after all the stress and logistics of finding renters, cleaning the property and making sure tenants are happy.  It’s my goal to provide the clearest picture I can of investment opportunities in Vancouver, and to handle them with ease and care to take away all the stress from my client’s.



It’s no surprise that there is a high-quality lifestyle in Vancouver. It’s a city that is rich in scenery, culture and diversification. Hike a mountain or bike through parks laden with rainforest. Ski, snowboard, and snowshoe on world-class mountains that were showcased during the 2010 Olympic Games or enjoy some of the West Coast’s finest dining, breweries and bars. There truly is no better place to live, work and invest. My goal is to match your lifestyle to a specific community in the city. Your passions and activity level can dictate where you belong. Having been born and raised in this amazing city I’m able to provide an expert insight on particular neighborhoods throughout the city!


To name a few:


West Vancouver: Luxury waterfront community with close proximity to the mountains. Great for families

Coal Harbour: Nestled between the business district and the water. The quietest part of town that still is in the heart of the city.

Yaletown: Bars, Restaurants, energetic and young vibes! Close to the seawall— A bike is all you need



Community matters. Those who know me, know that the communities my clients reside in are very important to me. Similarly to lifestyle, it’s important to find a community that matches every client’s needs. It’s simple. A family needs a different community than a bachelor and vise versa. You get the gist!

My fourth pillar is community because the reason we are so fortunate to live here is because of the communities that exist in this city and the unique characteristics that they offer. It’s important that we look after our communities and so it’s my goal to GIVE BACK. By giving back to my local communities, I hope it will encourage others to do the same. By working together on our community I can provide a better guarantee that:

  1. a) My clients will remain happy with their community and their surroundings
  2. b) Home demand will continue to exist for those looking to sell

Community matters for you and for me! You will be sure to see me at many community events around the city. Get in touch if you wish to get involved!


Get in touch!

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