Let’s change the conversation from “I can’t live here” to #youcanlivehere.

Real estate, like everything else, is a matter of perspective. It’s no surprise that there is a high-quality lifestyle in Vancouver and it’s being recognized worldwide. It’s important not to get discouraged because there are still endless Real Estate investment opportunities in this city that are attainable. It’s a city that is rich in scenery, culture and diversification. Hike a mountain or bike through parks laden with rainforest. Ski, snowboard, and snowshoe on world-class mountains that were showcased during the 2010 Olympic Games or enjoy some of the West Coast’s finest dining, breweries and bars. Now tell me, what other city offers what Vancouver can offer you in one single day?
Yes, living has become more costly and yes it’s a problem for many, but you’re paying for the lifestyle, and the beauty. Trust me, that investment you just made on that condo or home in Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Bowen Island or the Sunshine Coast, is going to be the biggest, and best investment you’re going to make in your life! The stats tell all, and the rising cost of living here doesn’t appear to be slowing down.
So, before you decide you’re leaving this city because of the cost of living and rising home prices, look at it in a different perspective. Remind yourself why you love living here, and put a dollar amount on what that is worth to you. Be open to opportunity and be open to changing your perspective on the market. I’m happy to help you find a solution that does fit your budget, and is also likely one of the biggest and best investments you will make for your future.

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