When I became a realtor, I was told I must find a way to stand out against my 13,000+ competitors if I wanted to succeed in this industry. I asked for advice from mentors, family, friends and even SIRI (you’ve done it too, don’t lie), what was the best way to become a great realtor, and the best answer I got was, ”Be authentically yourself, because no one else is you, and authenticity is the best business plan.” (Cute, Right?)

There it is ladies and gents. Secret it out: BE AUTHENTICALLY YOU.

Well, it’s not quite that simple, but it certainly lead me down the path that then became Carleigh Hofman Real Estate, more formally known as ‘Realtor Carl’ (@realtorcarl)

From that day forward the ‘real’ in Realtor, is what I decided I wanted to focus my efforts on. You won’t find my face on a bus, ever, (a real shame, I know! ) but I’m going to be that girl that makes a parody about her daily life a realtor, because, well… my marketing girl bosses said so.

I was once told a stigma, that as a realtor, “you stick a sign in the ground and cash big cheques” Sweet, right? So, I quit my amazing job, and off I went, with half of Vancouver, and I wrote my exam and started working… And there I was embarking on a journey that I once thought was simple, but reality kicked in and it was the furthest thing from simple.  Gone were the days of regular pay cheques every two weeks, weekends with friends and security. In came the hustle, fear and realtor cynics. But that’s when it became clear, as to why I was in this role and what my job is: To educate, bring value, create positive change and perception, and provide an experience to clients that would dismiss those misconceptions. (Big feat I know, but a girl’s gotta dream!)

I often say to clients that the real estate exam didn’t really address that I needed the following skills to become a realtor. I think drinking wine, and increasing alcohol tolerance really should be added to the required curriculum (mostly for celebrating). Why is wine involved? My clients like it and so do I, but also the job description might help you understand.

POSITION: Real(tor)

You MUST be available to do all of the following at any given time, and do it all at an exceptional level:

Gardener, dog walker, therapist, wine connniseur, UBER driver, interior designer, investment expert, house cleaner, key cutter, handy woman, future predictor, make-shift plumber, graphic designer, teacher, model, actress, photographer, inspector, caterer, event planner… Oh, and don’t forget, you must buy and sell real estate for the best prices and win those scary multiple Monday’s without overpaying. (I GOT THIS!)

ALL JOKES ASIDE I wouldn’t change a thing because I have found my professional passion in working with people and their homes. It’s the unforeseen road blocks and challenges I choose to take on, that keep me on my toes forcing me to adapt and grow professionally and personally in this role that I love more and more everyday. There are way too many labels and opinions on everything and everyone in this world but mine is simple: #YOUCANLIVEHERE and I’m here to minimize the worries and misconceptions, so you can see the ultimate value in home ownership, or investment and have a fun, smooth ride getting your goals met. (Wine included, of course!)


‘Realtor Carl’

Ps. I’ll stick to my day job; I apologize for the terrible acting.

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