A Real(ty) Power Couple: Why I’ve Teamed Up with Gillian Segal Design

Last week while gallivanting through Europe, and feeling like the posh Kelly Wearstler that I am not, it dawned on me that Vancouver Real Estate is very much so filled with cookie cutter interiors and lack of personalization. After getting up close and personal with some of Europe’s finest fabrics and finishing’s, it was my mission to find someone who could bring that chic flare and functionality into a home for my clients and myself.

Being the social media troll that I am, and the research mongerer that I can be, I found someone whom I knew could pull off even the most eclectic of styles and within days we had met, made a business plan, and knew we were a match! Mark my words, Gillian Segal Design is the next top interior designer, and after just a few years in business, her portfolio is one to be reckoned with! [ #FutureIsFemale ]

I’m very excited to provide my clients with an added service of interior design and decorating. I’m always striving to find new ways to provide personalization, impeccable service and to leave clients with an experience they would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. I know Gillian and her team holds a similar vision in their business practices, and will surely not disappoint even the pickiest of clients (you know who you are). I’m very excited to share our collaboration on some projects to come, but first, let’s dive into this blonde beauties business and take a look at what all this hype is about!




Gillian describes her personal style as, “Modern, eclectic glamour”. You may recognize her name from CTV, Western Living, Martha Stewart Online, Rue Magazine & My Domaine. Inspired by her travels and love for design of decades past, Gillian loves blending the old and the new. Incase her portfolio isn’t enough to convince you to work with her, Gillian’s work was recognized by Western Living Magazine’s Designer of the Year Awards where she was named a finalist for the Robert Ledingham Memorial award. Not to mention she’s the interior design contributor & writer for marthastewart.com. Do I need to say more?




Gillian with her team of three—Megan Harrow, Paige Smythe and intern, Rachel Almasi, believe that the home is a wonderful opportunity for self-expression and should reflect those who live there in both form and functionality. Blending their clients requirements and wish list with their design expertise, they incorporate architectural and design elements to create distinctly beautiful spaces.  Their goal is to create environments that are classic and timeless with an unexpected modern twist.




They have a similar approach to my own in which they stand by your side from start to finish. From the architecture & demolition phase, to the candles being lit and lamps being placed, Gillian and her team will be there along for the ride, with their trades and artisan’s in tow.

  • New construction & Renovations
  • Furnishing & Decorating
  • Concept creation & development
  • Space planning, renderings & visualization
  • Comprehensive construction drawing packages
  • Selection & specifications: Finishes, materials, fixtures
  • Lighting design & selection
  • Project management




So now that you’ve decided who your Realtor® and Interior Decorator will be, we’ve got some work set out for us.  It’s an honor to get to work with these fellow ladies and together we can promise you the home of your wildest dreams!

It’s coffee time, thanks for reading.
Carleigh Hofman

Realtor ®



Gillian Segal Design Inc.

OFFICE: 604-736-6136

EMAIL: [email protected]


Carleigh Hofman Real Estate

OFFICE: 604-805-5358

EMAIL: [email protected]


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