The story behind #YouCanLiveHere

I get asked on a weekly basis, “Why did you choose to go into Real Estate?” The answer is long winded but it all comes down to CHANGE. I don’t just mean change for myself; I mean change in Vancouver’s Real Estate Market and it’s people. I can’t alter a stigma or a mindset single handedly but I can encourage others to catch what I’m putting down, educate the public with raw facts and provide an energy and outlook that may be different than what the general masses are conveying.

My promise to my clients is that I will always share my three P’s with them: Passion, Positivity and Professionalism. So…Here we go!

For the past few years, the media has ingrained in our brains that Vancouver is not affordable. While this may be true statement for some, it’s important to understand WHERE we are living, WHY this is happening and WHAT kind of growth potential Vancouver still has. With foreign investment being a main driver, prices are also influenced by the quality of life that this city offers. You’re paying to live in one of the best places in the world voted by Mercers Global List, and unfortunately, the prices here are just beginning to play catch up with it’s global competitors. When you look at some of the top cities in the world that Vancouver is in the running with for that number one spot, you will see Vancouver is still many dollar figures behind in terms of real estate prices. We are living in a growing and changing city whether we like it or not. While prices are rising there is still opportunity that exists beyond the media’s display that says otherwise (Hence my message #YouCanLiveHere). Like anything else, growth and expansion is usually followed by innovation, adaptation and change. Just wait and see! Some say it’s a good thing and can see the potential while others are saying ‘hasta la vista’ to this amazing city. Not only are you saying goodbye to one of the best cities in the world, in my eyes you are saying goodbye to some of the most amazing real estate investments on a global scale.

The Vancouver Real Estate Market has some major missing elements and that’s why I decided it’s my time to jump in with both feet. My goal is to encourage positivity and prosperity in the markets with my fellow real estate experts. I want to educate and encourage change and mindset so that buyers and sellers have a clear understanding of the value that exists in this city and growth potential that may prevail itself. My strategies are simple and so am I. Thinking big picture! Outside the Box! Investment!

#YouCanLiveHere became my message and what I was going to stand behind because I wanted to bring a positive and educational approach to my clients on ways they can continue to call Vancouver home instead of focusing on the reasons they can’t. There is still plenty opportunities that are born on a daily basis, and the growth in this city in my opinion, is going to continue. It may slow down, but it’s going to continue.

Now you’re saying “ She’s a real estate agent, so what else can she say?” Right? While my profession could very well have an impact on my opinion, the stats I’m about to share don’t lie!

The Economist Home Price Index

Let’s take a look at average home prices amongst other cities we are in the running with for the title of the “Best Place in the World.” As you can see, we are right in the thick of it, but we are still runners up in terms of real estate prices in cities like New York, London, Hong Kong or even Sydney, Australia, of which we are in the running with globally. The average city center apartment in Vancouver is $8,443.15 / Square Meter which is pushing close to $1000 / square foot.

City Price / Sq. M inside city center Vancouver Price / Sq. M in city centre
London, UK $30,542.54 $8,443.15
Hong Kong $30,467.39 $8,443.15
New York $14,995.10 $8,443.15
Sydney, Aus $12,126.21 $8,443.15

*All data based on apartment sales in Canadian Dollars



As you can see, there is still the potential for much growth in Vancouver. So the next time you see a headline that says “Vancouver is the second most expensive real estate market in the world”, feel PROUD and then ask me how you can own here too. Many of you have the opportunity to own real estate in one of the safest, sought-after real estate markets on the planet earth. New York, Hong Kong, London and Vancouver are all extremely safe markets to investment in.

Outside of global economic collapse and a rapid rate of inflation that leads to a sharp increase in interest rates, there is little that can affect the Vancouver real estate market. And even if that were to happen, rest assured you’d still own in one of the top five real estate markets in the world. There would be no shortage of people lining up to buy your home if you chose to sell.

#youcanlivehere just ask me how. Let’s change the negativity to positivity, find ways to live in this city we are fortunate to call home, and begin understanding and appreciating why real estate in Vancouver is growing the way it is.

I’m here to answer questions, and guide you to your next home. Never hesitate to ask!


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