The task that changed it all

365 Days of uncertainty…

Well friends, a year ago today I was shaking with nerves on my way to my Real Estate Exam! It’s really just sinking in what this year has brought to me.  It’s gone by like light speed but it also feels like I’ve been at it a lifetime with the amount of knowledge I’ve gained. I’ve cried, laughed, stressed and smiled harder than I ever have before—and I wouldn’t change a thing. The successes and failures that have come my way this year are only making me a better, stronger person. There’s something special to say about finding what you love… You don’t really know what that thing is until you are totally engulfed in it and you take the time to sit back and reflect on everything. So here I am, reflecting…that’s what this post is about. It’s my  ‘Ah-Ha’ post, it’s my ‘motivation’ post, and most importantly it’s a post to keep me accountable and transparent with my supporters, and to encourage others to keep chasing what they want in life.  Don’t give up because it’s out there and it’s real!

Real Estate is my passion; I’m lucky to have found it at a young age, I’m thankful for my past work experiences that got me to this point. I’m proud to tell you all, I LOVE WHAT I DO! (Incase you already didn’t know…)

The most rewarding task yet…

In my first week at Oakwyn Realty, I was asked to write a retirement letter to myself (Sorry, what?…) Yes you heard correctly… a retirement letter. Little did I know, this would be the one letter that changed it all for me. This was the most challenging, yet empowering task I’ve ever had to do. Trying to write about your entire career when you’re just beginning, and to thank yourself for your accomplishments you had yet to even accomplish was not an easy ask. But without hesitation, I delivered.

Today as I reflect on my year and attempt my most hated task of doing my taxes, I took the time to open that letter (#procrastination). It’s very ironic that when you tell the universe what you want, the world delivers. It brought a smile to my face as I began to draw check marks next to quite a few items. I don’t know if I was happier to be drawing check marks on a piece of paper or if I was proud of myself for my accomplishments. (Shout out to all the other structural, list-making ladies out there!).  In just 365 days it dawned on me how much I’ve grown and accomplished and I’m living proof that you can make drastic changes to your life by taking the bull by the horns and attacking your goals with a ‘nothing to lose’ kind of attitude. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely failed at times, but according to my ‘retired self’ I’m well on my way to achieving a great lifelong career in Real Estate.


✔ First order on my retirement letter was to thank my client base for respecting me, supporting me and enriching my life in and out of my career. So far, almost all my new clients have become friends, and those who haven’t have enriched my life with their stories and different ways of life… I’m SO THANKFUL for the lesson’s I’ve learned this year, both good and bad. CHECK MARK! ✔

✔ Next order of duty was to thank my office and colleagues for recognizing my achievements and supporting me through the ups and downs. I was fortunate to be able to check that one off the list as I was selected as Oakwyn’s “Rookie of the Year 2016” at what was voted by The West Ender, The BEST Real Estate Agency in Vancouver. I was also fortunate to be written up by a fashion company in a positive light. It was the biggest honor to be recognized and it has propelled me with strength and drive into 2017. I will forever be thankful for this first year! This order of duty gets a big, fat check mark ✔



✔ Next item on my letter was to have “empowered others to dream big and reach higher.” I.e. make a difference. This is a forever evolving promise to myself and it is what propelled me to writing this post. I believe my social media initiatives, which speak, broader than just real estate itself played a big role in this accomplishment. There is so much negativity in the world today, and it is in my marketing plan to steer away from that negativity and focus on the positives and what we do have. Hence my tagline since day 1, #YouCanLiveHere. I always want to find a solution that caters to each client that allows him or her to live in a place they love and to find innovative solutions to make that dream of owning a reality. This year I think I can empower more individuals now that I have proven to myself that you really can achieve anything you want and as my own confidence grows.


Photo 3


✔ The most important item on my letter was to thank myself for living a life I love and to make time to have fun, explore the world, adventure lots, smile and have fun. Travelling to Australia, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Maui and Cabo in 2016, while tacking and achieving my goals in my new job, having fun with friends and family, and trying new things, earns this task a deserving check mark.




Put the awards and check marks aside, and this has been a year I will forever be grateful for. To the ones who doubted me, thank you for pushing me to show you otherwise, and to the ones who supported me, thank you for being alongside through my up’s and down’s. Being self-employed in this role has opened my eyes and will continue to open my eyes to new experiences, lessons, stresses, successes, people and places and that to me is GOOD LIVING. The passion I have for homes, design, and working with people is what really propels me, and the real reward is the people that touch my life with all their individual stories. It’s the most intimate, nit-picky, yet rewarding job, and it’s the ever-changing days that keep me engaged and in love with what I do everyday.




Much Love,


Carleigh Hofman


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